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#lacarrierachemeriti is a 10-week individual Coaching program that allows women to obtain a top role at work, overcome fears, feelings of inferiority, insecurity and finally achieve professional fulfillment


It’s a journey of change, awareness and discovery of the real professional goals


Goals that can range from changing company to obtaining a role of greater responsibility in the current organization, from being able to speak and express ideas in the workplace to living with authority and no stress the role that is already being held


WITH MY COACHING PROGRAM everny woman CAN FINALLY be herself at work and be recognized for what it’s worth



#lacarrierachemeriti coaching program has already helped dozens of women to finally feel fulfilled at work and get the career they’ve always dreamed of, in just ten weeks

It is based on three key pillars:

1. Awareness of one’s professional value, to make the most of all personal resources. This awarness allows on one hand to face every work situation with serenity and authority, without anxiety or guilt and on the other hand to overcome the fear of dislike and the sense of inferiority that often prevent women from asking for the derserved career development and fair economic recognition

2.Overcoming ‘the myth of perfection’ to act even when not everything is perfectly under control. Most women feel inferior to the rest of their colleagues and so little authoritative that they always feel ‘under scrutiny’ and therefore have to be super-prepared and perfect at every meeting, interview, presentation, decision-making moment. In the costant attempt not to make mistakes, they live every situation with extreme anxiety and stress, giving the worst of themselves

Overcoming the idea of being perfect produces better results, as it allows you to identify in advance the essential elements for the success of the business, to accept mistakes and avoid wasting time and energy in the pursuit of perfection

3.  Definition of the real career goal. After gaining awarness and overcoming fears and blocking beliefs, it becomes easier to identify the real goal of professional growth. At this point, the work focuses on the definition of the needed actions and behaviors to achieve this goal


Take for instance the case of a client of mine who had already changed 3 jobs in 4 years. She felt undervalued and with little chance of growth and therefore she was constantly changing companies. This Coaching course allowed her to understand that the problem did not depend on the context but on her fear of exposing herself and her need for continous approval and confirmation. Within 6 months, she got a major promotion with no need to change company again

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